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UMX-7 battle mengpaneel

Features 2 stereo channels  3 phono/line convertible 1 line and 1 mic input  Adjustable assing switches  Channel slide curve control switch  Crossfader with rotary curve control  Crossfader reverse (hamster) switch  State of the art cue ...

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 2 stereo channels 
 3 phono/line convertible 1 line and 1 mic input 
 Adjustable assing switches 
 Channel slide curve control switch 
 Crossfader with rotary curve control 
 Crossfader reverse (hamster) switch 
 State of the art cue section with split 
 Cut feature for low , mid and high for each chanel 
 Gain , high , mid and low tone controls for each channel 
 Balanced and unbalanced master outputs 
 Zone and record outputs 
 Dual mode metering


 Low: +12 dB / - 32 dB 
 Mid: +12 dB / - 32 dB 
 High: +12 dB / - 32 dB 
 Gain: 0 to -20 dB 
 Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 Khz +/- 2 dB 
 THD: (0.08 %) 
 S/N Ratio: better than 80 dB 
 Talkover Attenuation: -16 dB 
 Headphone impedance: 16 Ohm 
 Power source -230/18V AC 0.75A 
 Dimensions: 254 x 335 x 110 mm
 Weight: 3kg

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